I thought it was a really excellent day and the feedback from the Partners has been exceptionally good.  I can't believe how much we achieved in a day!  Thanks so much for letting me have the action points so quickly.  We can now crack on whilst everything is fresh in our minds.   

Practice Manager, five Partner practice




GP practices are facing a number of challenges including increasing workload and demand for their services, reductions in funding, limited resources, a shortage of GPs, rising costs, a need to open additional hours, higher sickness absence rates, more 'competition' from other practices and close scrutiny from CQC and other regulatory bodies.

Add to this the uncertainty surrounding the future responsibility for unscheduled care, and this combination of stresses on the profession is creating a recruitment and retention crisis in General Practice.

The importance of planning for the future

The BMA External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://www.bma.org.uk/support-at-work/gp-practices/gp-networks/preparing-for-the-future  states:

‘The importance of planning change, gaining commitment and exploring the feelings of partners, staff and patients cannot be underestimated. 

The sooner practices begin to prepare for changes in primary care, the more chance they will have of protecting themselves against new emerging threats and making the most of any opportunities that may present themselves.  The majority of GP partners will be used to the relative autonomy that traditional general practice structures afford them. This has meant that GPs have been able to respond quickly to change.’

The BMA External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://www.bma.org.uk/support-at-work/gp-practices/gp-networks/the-pressures-facing-primary-care   also states:

‘Opportunities for diversification and entrepreneurial behaviour, particularly in accessing different sources of income, can be utilised as a means for survival.  Practices should be preparing for the future in terms of the political context too. This brings with it the risk of large private healthcare corporations bidding to deliver a greater range of primary care services.’

How I can help

I organise and facilitate bespoke GP team Away Days where we explore the risks and challenges facing the Practice and identify the strategies and resolutions required to take the Practice forward.  GPs often ask for support to shape their vision and develop a clear and workable action plan to make the vision an effective and workable reality.

I run bespoke confidential coaching programmes for Practice Managers, usually involving an introductory meeting where we agree a coaching 'contract' followed by five or six two-hour coaching sessions over a three to six-month period.

I facilitate leadership, new manager, effective performance management, appraisal, conflict management, absence management and time management skills training for Practice staff on behalf of individual Practices, PCNs, CCGs, LMCs and Private Sector providers such as PSUK.

I facilitate off-site team building events and Practice meetings and mediate workplace disputes.

I also help Practice Managers resolve any people-related issue they may have and advise on a range of issues including re-structuring, rationalisation and termination of employment



   Martyn was keen from the outset to make sure that we, as a practice, got the most out of the session. He spent considerable time, both face to face and on the telephone with the Practice Manager ensuring that he knew and understood the history of the practice and where we wanted to get to in the future.  Preparation before the meeting was in-depth but not too onerous.  On the day, we all felt at ease with Martyn. There was never a feeling that he took over the discussion, but guided it seamlessly, generating a firm plan of action by its conclusion.  We all came away from the meeting feeling very positive with what we had achieved and clear on the actions we all had to complete, and more importantly the timescale we had to complete them by.  Martyn was a great facilitator making all of this happen.   Practice Manager, four Partner GP practice